What is 'help center'?

The help center is a feature that provides an interface where customers can get answers or solutions to common problems without contacting a customer support agent. The interface is fully responsive, and the simple design allows user to easily navigate.

In this feature the user can see categorised questions. They can find the answer to each question by clicking the question. In some of the answer articles, there are email and chat links that provide the user different ways of contacting the customer support.

After being rolled out, this feature resulted in a reduction of more than 55% of customer support contacts. It is the most important feature of Foodora/Foodpanda platform in 2018.

I developed the feature with close collaboration with the desginer making use of Zeplin.

Technology used

React, Typescript, ES6, SASS

Source of content data

Static JSON files

URL: www​.foodora.de/help-center

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