Development Technology

JavaScript, jQuery, React, ES6, HTML, CSS, PHP


I am a film editor turned Frontend Developer. I have an eternal interest in web development alongside an aesthetic sensibility. I am dedicated and self-motivated.

Recent professional experience [2016 to present]

Frontend Engineer - Foodora

Foodora is an online food ordering platform that connects users with restaurants. I was responsible for the features related to the platform's post-order topics

My major achievements
  • In collaboration with designer developed and delivered the platform’s fully responsive whole new customer support feature ‘help center’ (What is ‘help center’?)
  • Implemented features that improve user experience in the post-order topics of the platform
  • Refactored web components from Backbone to React
  • Improved the customer support chat widget implementation with Zendesk API
Technology stack
  • Frontend: JavaScript, React, jQuery, Backbone, ES6, TypeScript, HTML, SASS, Twig
  • Middleware: PHP
  • Testing: Jest, Enzyme
  • Development tools: Gulp, Yarn, Composer
  • Workflow and tools: Scrum, Jira, GitHub, PhpStorm
Team environment

I worked in a cross-functional team that consisted of backend engineers, mobile engineers, a designer, a product manager, a QA engineer, a frontend engineer, and a scrum master. The development methodology is a mixture of Scrum and Kanban.

What I learnt

Communication among different departments and with stakholders, proactiveness, TypeScript typing

Frontend Developer with PHP - Digital Performance

Digital Performance built social networking portals in the area of dating. I was responsible for building the web applications

My main responsibilities
  • Development and delivery of new features and functionalities
  • Optimization of existing features, layouts and components to improve user experience, performance and conversation
  • Support for the conception and the design of the layouts of the products
  • Transformation the layout designs into functioning UIs
  • Adaptation and maintenance of the automated test suites
  • Contribution to the continuous improvement of the frontend development workflow and code quality of the monolithic web applications
Technology stack
  • Frontend: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, SASS, Twig
  • Middleware: PHP
  • Autotesting: Behat, ChromeDriver
  • Development tools: Grunt, NPM, Composer, PHPUnit
  • Workflow and tools: Scrum, Jira, GitLab, PhpStorm
Team environment

I worked in an autonomous self-organised cross-functional team that consisted of Java developers, PHP developers, frontend developers, a product owner, and a scrum master. The development methodology Scrum.

What I learnt

Commercial workflow, team work, developing high traffic portals, communication and working in an autonomous self-organised team

Professional goals

Possessing expertise in software engineering

Other activities

  • Presented at Hack and Tell Berlin

  • Amazon Alexa Skill

    • Skill name: Acquaint Me
    • Description: Alexa will ask questions about your thoughts, preferences, qualities, dreams and goals to get to know yourself and each other better. This is a fastest way to get to know someone.
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